Two Storey Residence, Burwood, NSW

The existing building was a small two storey heritage listed Victorian terrace, with two bedrooms and sitting area on the upper level and two living spaces and old kitchen area on the lower level. The kitchen & bathrooms fitout from the original terrace had already been removed and the building was in a very dilapidated state in much need of repair. To the rear of the terrace were some non-original additions that were removed to allow the new work. Our brief was to provide alterations and additions to the residence that respected the heritage of the existing terrace including restoring as much of the original heritage features as practicable, while providing an additional bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen and new open living spaces that connect well with the outdoors and the existing building.

We engaged a specialist heritage consultant, as well as working closely with Burwood Council, to finalise a solution that satisfied both the extensive heritage controls, as well as the client’s brief. This heavily influenced choices in regards to cladding, textures, colours, and window shape and sun hood design, as well as the bulk and extent of the additions to the rear of the terrace.